Friday, January 11, 2013

King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese- Updated!

Update: So D removed the butter (and used Pam), used 4 oz of Velveeta and .75 C of Cheddar.  The taste was still there but the creaminess was not.  It did reduce the calories from 630 to 543 however.  Adding 4 oz of light cream cheese bumps it up to 590, if I wanted to go that route.  Going to 6 oz of Velveeta moves it to 570.

I think the next time we have it, we will try 6 oz of Velveeta and 1/2 C of Sharp Cheddar.  But use Kraft or Sargento Cheddar vs. Kroger, because they have better flavor.

The recipe is here.

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