Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ian's Dad's Pasta Recipe

So awhile ago, D and I got a pasta maker.  My friend Ian had been making pasta and so I asked him for the directions, and this is what he gave me.  The food processor made it pretty easy.  It needed a little more flour, though. I added more.  Issues I had were with my pasta maker and experience will come with practice.
The pasta tasted like pasta!

Ian's Dad's Pasta Recipe

Photo by ALB

1 1/2 c flour (al's note: start with this and add you need it...AP Flour is fine)
2 eggs
EVOO (~1 tbsp?)
salt (~1 tsp kosher?)

Put all ingredients in food processor, turn on, dribble tiny bits of water until dough forms a ball. That's the recipe that Dad uses, and I've done it twice so far in the last three days, and it has worked out well, and is super-easy. I imagine that there are many similar preparations. Using the food processor makes it dead simple, though.

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